When we begin our design journey together as client and designer, you’ll be supported by more than just our studio. Years of experience, innovation, and imagination come together under our watchful eyes to make sure you have access to a world-class design experience.

Interior Architecture & Design

KJBD presents a curated team of experts in contemporary luxury and design. With award-winning, Interior Designer Kimberley-jade Bawden at the helm, your team encompasses hand-picked specialists in all aspects of interior architecture.


Our approach to modern luxury is underpinned by an intrinsic understanding of livable elegance. The interiors we have created are a sensory experience for the occupants and a response to the individual lives of each of our clients.


Each member of your team possesses a deep respect for craft and materiality. Our years of experience and technical knowledge guide us to design environments matched to your needs.


Our passion for everything interior is mirrored in our enthusiasm for Architecture. The two, of course move hand in hand. The KJBD team has worked with a range of outstanding architects and is responsible for the design of many beautiful homes both inside and out.


We collaborate with a collection of truly amazing architects and landscape designers. These visionary companies and individuals are aligned with us to create a residence to seamlessly blend exteriors and interiors beautifully under a unified design.

Retail & Hospitality

We love to work with passion to create beautiful spaces to shop, eat, drink, work or dance the night away. As designers, we aim to convey messages and stories about spaces that build on brand identity, in both retail and hospitality environments.

Our work spans a range of leaders in the fashion, food and hospitality realms.

Furniture, Art, Decoration Curation

Your home should tell the story of who you are, and represent a collection of what you love.


Sometimes you just require the finishing touches to your existing home and sometimes you want the works. We do both and we love doing it. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of furniture, art curation, and decoration. In fact, we go the extra mile on interior finishings. Designed by KJ, we have our own homewares and objects brand kiminc.com.au. Under our guidance, the craftspeople at KIMINC can customize anything to complete your space.

In addition to this, we’re lucky enough to have formed lasting relationships with top end suppliers, giving you access to 10-45% off RRP Discounts.