“My attention to detail and unique understanding of style and composition are what I value most as a designer”. kjxx


Creative Director at Kimberely Jade Bawden Design


KJ began her career working with some of Australia’s leading Architects and Interior Designers enabling her to establish a diverse portfolio. She has designed and styled boutique retail stores, restaurants, nightclubs and private residences for high-profile clientele. Along with products for numerous luxury brands.


Her passion for juxtaposing materials of different eras and multicultural origins prompted the launch of her own design studio. Founded in 2016, Kimberley Jade Bawden Design is the brainchild of more than a decade of education and experience in art and design.


KJ’s creative process draws from memories of widespread travel to inform and inspire her designs.


A formidable reputation within the design industry is based on her high-impact, statement work, laced with subtle nods to art history. Her high attention to detail, coupled with an intimate understanding of style have forged her name within the design world.

We listen. We imagine. We inspire.

Designing is a journey. Our philosophy rests on taking this trip with you.
At KJBD the journey begins with developing a deep understanding of your unique requirements. From here, we’ll lead you through multi-sensory design to arrive at a place that exceeds your expectations.

Every good journey involves surprise

Our design aesthetic is specific to us. Our clients join us to acquire spaces that stand apart from the ordinary. Personifying our sensibilities, our creative director Kimberley-jade Bawden designs with sophistication, glamour, innovation, and surprise.


“Design is ever changing. We are ever-changing, but the fundamentals of good design always stay the same”. Kjxx

Longevity – Design that stands the test of

Delivery of a finely curated and functional product is a given with KJBD. Our design process creates spaces that are truly timeless, not merely “of the moment”. This is why you won’t find us designing around fads or trends.


Colours and materials are handpicked for their connection to you and their harmony with your spaces and architecture.Design decisions are made by our us because they evoke something in our senses and ignite our visual instincts.


The outcome of our design is to balance function with luxurious design seamlessly, providing you with a space you can both enjoy and celebrate.

The story within

What you touch and feel, what helps charm you after a busy day at work, where you make memories with your family – these are the interiors of your home. This is where we draw our primary design directives. At KJBD, we know the interiors are the fundamentals of designing a home. This is why we create from the inside out.


So, if it sounds like we’re passionate about interiors, you’ve understood us correctly.